Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Dr. Derrick Peck and Dr. Kenton Smith use tooth-colored dental fillings to repair damaged teeth. Our skilled dentists and team typically recommend dental fillings to repair minor to moderate damage, such as cracks, fractures, chipping and cavities.

Dental fillings work by restoring the appearance of your teeth and strengthening your tooth structure. Traditionally, dental fillings have been made of silver-colored amalgam. However, this can create many problems in the future as silver fillings may require the removal of additional tooth structure and can leak. At Rock Creek Dental, we use tooth-colored (composite) dental fillings because they preserve more of your original tooth structure and give you a much longer lasting result, providing you with an overall healthier treatment. They also blend in with the natural color of your teeth to provide you beautiful result.

Dental fillings can be completed in a single appointment. When you receive a filling, our dentists will clean the tooth thoroughly to remove all traces of decay and damage. We will then place the filling into the damaged area and shape it to the contours of your tooth. The filling will then be hardened and polished to complete your treatment.

If you have any questions about tooth-colored dental fillings in Red Lodge, Montana, or to make an appointment with our dentists, contact our office at 406-446-2814.