When you need to replace a tooth, our dentists may recommend a dental implant. Dental implants are a type of prosthetic tooth that replaces both the root and the crown of your missing tooth. Implants may be used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth or a full arch of teeth depending on your individual needs.

The first step of receiving a dental implant is the surgical placement of the implant post into your jawbone. Implant posts are usually made of titanium, and replace the tooth root to ensure that your restoration remains stable. They do this by stimulating the jawbone to ensure that it remains healthy and strong in order to support the implant.

A period of healing follows your implant placement surgery in order for the implant post to integrate properly with your supporting bone tissue. After this healing period, our dentists and team then place a restoration over the implant post to restore your smile and complete your treatment. Depending on how many teeth you are replacing, your restoration may be a crown, a bridge or a denture.

Implants are designed to last for a lifetime, and can easily do so when properly cared for with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

It is also important to note that anyone missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. You may, however, need to receive additional treatments prior to receiving an implant if you have periodontal disease, tooth decay or another pre-existing dental condition.

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