Dental inlays and onlays are used for repairing teeth that have sustained too much damage to be restored with a filling, but do not require a full dental crown. Also known as “partial crowns,” inlays and onlays work by replacing the missing or damaged tooth structure to strengthen and protect it from further damage. Little to no removal of your tooth structure is required, making inlays and onlays one of the most conservative and effective restorations available.

Our dentists and team recommend dental inlays when tooth damage is more limited and does not reach the cusps of the teeth (the pointed areas on the chewing surface). We typically recommend onlays when tooth damage does extend to one or more of the cusps.

We design each inlay and onlay using state-of-the-art CEREC technology. This ensures that your restoration is specifically designed to fit your teeth, and that your treatment can be completed in just one appointment. Your inlays and onlays are also designed to match your natural tooth color, blending in with your teeth to produce a long-lasting and naturally beautiful solution for your smile.

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