Visiting your dentist or receiving medial treatments often includes X-rays or other imaging processes which expose you to radiation. Many radiotherapy and X-ray examinations put stress on the unprotected areas of your body, including your mouth. Rock Creek Dental provides an oral radiation protection device to defend these areas and help keep your mouth healthy and safe.

Our custom radiation protection devices work to protect patients who are receiving radiation-heavy treatments, such as chemotherapy. There are many harmful oral conditions that may develop as a result of radiation exposure, even when their radiation exposure is not focused on the head or mouth. Radiation protection devices isolate the mouth by creating a barrier between harmful radiation particles and the mouth, which greatly reduces the potential damage caused by surplus rays during treatment.

Your mouth is closely connected to the rest of your body, and protecting your oral health is incredibly important to maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Radiation protection devices help protect your soft oral tissues, teeth and supporting bone to ensure that you remain healthy. Our dentists and team are dedicated to helping you improve and maintain your oral health so that you can enjoy a healthy smile for life.

If you have any questions about our oral radiation protect devices in Red Lodge, Montana, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kelly Reynolds or Dr. Derrick Peck, please call Rock Creek Dental today at 406-446-2814.